Fit and Fashion Mom

I was just amazed looking at my mom’s photos in Facebook. I can’t count how many solo pictures she had on her photo album. Well, aside from the fact that she loves to pose on camera, she loves wearing sexy outfits in different styles and design with matching colors of her clothes, bags, high heels or boots and other bling blings and accessories.

My mom always want to look her best. Her fashion style is just one of a kind. When it comes to taking care of her body, she would do anything in order to stay fit and healthy. She even tried taking slimming pills from 7 day slimming pill reviews she saw and read online. I can see the effectiveness of the said slimming pills based from her previous and present photos. That’s how my mom maintained her sexy looking body. That’s my fit and fashion mom!

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  1. Edith says:

    As expected women were more concern on how they look and particularly on their skin and hair. It’s been already part of every woman’s life to work on it and value how they look. It’s even more complicated as you had to make a choice for your family. You really have to consider many thing like, budget, expert’s advise and more even the product. Looking always on our best doesn’t only have to always perfect but it’s rather on keeping and maintaining your optimum well being.

  2. Also, Accessories such as scarves, shawls or wraps are a particularly good option because they are comfy to wear and if you get a few different colors and patterns you can create a multitude of different looks with relatively little effort.

  3. I just couldn’t help but notice that the title was same as my blog title, I thought something is wrong with my blog

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