Rant Mode: Mind Your Own Business!

I actually received some unpleasant comments from my chat box a few weeks ago but since I got busy offline, I wasn’t able to respond and give my comments back to these certain reader of my blog. I know she’s just a visitor because I never heard of her name before. I am on a rant mode when I read some of her comments saying:

I created this fashion and lifestyle blog for moms who wants to look great and feel their best in doing it. And with the help of my ever Fashionable Mom, we are sharing our best to about the latest and hottest trends in fashion, with beauty tips and reviews, shopping, personal style and some of our fashion secrets.

I also wanted to let everyone know that this is my own blog and my own cyber space. I can freely write anything that I write and share everything I know. When I introduced this fashion blog of mine here in the blogosphere, I already informed everyone that my mom will be my fashion model and subject on most of my blog topics.

I have known many people who loves and even imitate our kind of fashion style. But since we do have different tastes when it comes to fashion, I know that there are other people who doesn’t like it. Well,ย  all I can say is that, if you don’t like our style, then just leave us alone and mind your own business!

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14 Responses to Rant Mode: Mind Your Own Business!

  1. SHY says:

    Nako may naligaw atang inggitera or pakialamera hehe..Some people cant just shut up their mouth at nakikialam pa..Dont mind it girl waste of your time lang sya.

  2. yan says:

    You ignore na lang kayce… Just think na “it simply means your blog has been visited and read”…

    This is your site…. You have the freedom to whatever you wanted to do is this blog as long as dili ka makapasakit ug tao….Keep posting my dear!!!!

  3. vernz says:

    hay sagdi na sila Kay.. pagblog lag imu diha.. inggits lang na sila… heheheh… pag-post pagdaghan picture diha arun mubalik.. e di nitaas imung traffic… hahahah..

  4. Mitchteryosa says:

    Naku sis kiber! Madaming ganyan sa blogging industry. What you have to do is just ignore them!

  5. Pinx says:

    sagdi na lang na sya kayce..don’t stoop down to her level… korek si mommy vernz! hehehe…

  6. Kerslyn says:

    Ang andaming inggeterang frog talaga sa mundo.

    Baka kilala mo yan sis. Gumamit lang ng ibang name.

  7. mommy jes says:

    hi kayce! tama you ignore them hehehe isa lang ibig sabihin nyan sikat ka n din LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

    Nweis you cant please everybody, there are some na may gusto ng fashion mo and there are some dn na nde type ang fashion mo…and let them say whatever they want to…..hihihih atleast d b may fan ka ahhahahahah!!!

    You know what? No matter what is kind of outfit you have there or your mom….I actually dnt care coz im not good in fashion ahahhaa I JUST LOVE looking at you both! you’re so CUTE and SWEET! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. peachkins says:

    I think your mom is cool! super ignore na lang kayce!

  9. mel cole says:

    don’t mind her kayce, suya lang na siya. tama, au ra pud ni-bisita siya kay maka-increase man ug page views. hehehe

  10. Joy Mendiola says:

    okay lang yan, just remember you can’t please everybody…stay cool, coz you’re mom’s cool!

    following you now…I hope you can visit, and follow na din my site: http://www.occasionsofjoy.com


  11. tejan says:

    nah..deadma mo na lng yan..naiingit yan..may ganyan ako dati na commenter naki alam kng ano ang e popost ko:)
    at galit na galit na napag kamalan kong bisaya kasi tagalog daw sya..di tulad sa akin na bisdak..lol! haaay!

    have a great day sissy!

  12. Never mind girl! isipin mo na lang hindi kayo ka-level..(wink)
    Those kind of people hindi na dapat inaaksayahn ng panahon..
    sabi nga ni Joy..we cant please verybody..and were democratic country.

  13. Tina says:

    Hayaan mo sya.. dont let her ruin your strategy in blogging.. its your blog, your fashion and your mom.. :)

  14. dhemz says:

    na problema nalang nya sis kay taman ra sya tan-aw sa imo mader…waaaaaaa…masuyaon lagi ning uban kay d man kabalo mo carry…ahhahaha….way batasan!

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